Intelligent recognition, intelligent triage

Smart IC chip, self-testing equipment different interfaces, intelligent distribution allows each output to achieve the most efficient charging rate depending on the desired device current.

Car Charger - TX-CU200


2 Port 24W output, Single-port maximum charge of up to 2.4A.



Combines the excellent properties of the two materials, ABS and PC material forming the mechanical resistance, impact strength and heat resistance, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) and other properties, V0 level of fire protection materials.


Fully compatible

Can charge any kind of small electronic digital devices.


Intelligent interference

The Korean version of the sixth generation of the filter, to enhance the resistance of 97%, 90% increase compatibility solved by charging an FM frequency instability and volatility of the screen and so on. Six interference, refuse charging screen fluctuations, to eliminate noise.

USB pure copper head

USB head for the copper plating process material. Ensure charging performance and service life. (Ordinary products shrapnel copper, USB shell of steel, rust).


Strong Protection

Maximize the protection of the device being charged.

  •  Over-current
  •  over-temperature protection (internal 100 degrees)
  •  short circuit protection
  •  automatic recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: How long it takes to charge a cell phone and tablet?-

    A: The USB outputs max 2.4A current. It will provides the same fast charging speed to original charger.
  • Q2: What if the TX-CU200 charges my device(s) slowly?+

    A: 1. The cable may be faulty. Try using a different cable.
    2. Check that the total input current required by your devices is not higher than 4.8A. Please email us at during your 12-month warranty if the above do not resolve the problem.
  • Q3: What if the TX-CU200's LED is working but my device isn't charging?+

    A: It is possible that the device's charging port is defective. Please try a different device with the TX-CU200, or try the TX-CU200 with a different device to determinethe origin of the issue. If the problem persists, please email us at during your 12-month warranty.
  • Q4: What should I do if the TX-CU200's LED stops illuminating and the TX-CU200 stops working?+

    A: 1. Ensure that the TX-CU200 is securely inserted in the outlet.
    2. It is possible that the car's socket is defective. Test the TX-CU200 in a different car. If the problem persists, please email us at to claim your 12-month warranty.
  • Q5: Can I leave this plugged into my car lighter all the time like most other usb car chargers?+

    A: This draws 0.4W power when plugged in, that is to say 0.08A standby current. In order to protect your car battery, please leave it in you car plugged in ONLY if your 12V outlet is switched off. If it can't switch off, please leave the car charger unplugged.